• July 14, 2017
1024 683 Carrie V.

“My parents and teacher try helping me with my math homework, but they can’t explain the problems the way MobyMax does! It makes learning math so much easier.” — Jaden, age 11

MobyMax is a computer-based program that helps members who are struggling in math. Marissa Serna, BGCMC Difference Maker and  MobyMax facilitator, shared that the regular attendees in her group had an average increase of 0.92—just shy of one full grade level!

The interactive program presents a series of questions in a variety of formats to identify the type of problems a member struggles with, and tailors customized lessons to help walk them through it. MobyMax also introduces new ideas and concepts in interactive, teachable modules and explains problems the member answers incorrectly. Members are motivated to participate because, in return for answering questions correctly, they are awarded with MobyMax game time. These games reinforce the principles taught during the session, but with a practical application and fun exterior.

Thanks to the impact and popularity, MobyMax is continuing through the summer to help avoid summer learning loss and to take advantage of the summer months to get ahead for the next school year. “Six of our regular attenders are on the verge of graduating from MobyMax,” Marissa shares. “There will be no Summer Slide for us!”