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Empowering Sisters: Briana and Danna

When Briana initially joined GHGH, she was facing academic challenges and felt disconnected from her community. One day, her aunt gave her a flyer for the Girls Leadership Network (GLN). Upon being accepted into the program, Briana found a supportive cohort of friends, gained insights into community public figures, and learned how to advocate for policy changes in her community. Her active involvement extended to planning the annual youth-led GHGH Health Summit, which brought together girls from different parts of Monterey County, nurturing collaboration and empowerment among them.

Today, Briana is the Senior Class President at Greenfield High, a Youth Commissioner for the City of Greenfield, and an active youth leader with the Big Sur Land Trust. She is also preparing to major in environmental sciences at California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt this fall.

Briana’s advocacy efforts have been significant; she helped expand GHGH’s reach to all six K-12 schools in Greenfield, positively affecting hundreds of students. Her journey with GHGH has not only changed her life but also inspired her younger sister, Danna. Motivated by Briana’s success, Danna has become an active member of the GHGH Club for middle school girls. Briana and Danna’s experiences demonstrate the powerful impact of the GHGH program.

GHGH Programs

Empowered Leaders (4th-6th Grade): We offer workshops on puberty, nutrition, and self-confidence to help them navigate these formative years.

LeadHERs (7th-8th Grade): We support middle school girls in practicing compassion and self-care, and learning about their unique health needs. This stage focuses on developing strong interpersonal skills and a deeper understanding of personal health.

GHGH Club (9th-12th Grade): Our workshops cover essential topics such as bullying, social media, peer pressure, healthy eating, self-care, self-esteem, and sexual health.

Girls’ Leadership Network (GLN): This girl-led council comprises 25 high school girls representing their schools and communities. The GLN fosters leadership and advocacy skills, preparing these young women to become the next generation of leaders.

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