Staff of the Month- Anyssa

150 150 Carrie V.

The staff of the month is Anyssa, Membership and Family Specialist, based at the Salinas…

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Dana P. BGCMC Member of the Month

150 150 Carrie V.

Dana P. is a remarkable fourth-grade student and has been a praiseworthy member of the…

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Celebrating our Young Artists

1024 674 Carrie V.

In our Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Program, members create projects with a variety of…

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Golf for Kids Gallery 2024

1024 759 Carrie V.

Youth of the Year Gallery 2023

1024 800 Carrie V.

Local Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants Supports Clubhouse Sports

1024 784 Carrie V.

Much appreciation to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Seaside and Salinas along with General Managers…

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BGCMC Serves 6th Grade Students in Greenfield, CA

678 718 Carrie V.

BGCMC proudly served every 6th grade student at all four elementary schools in Greenfield, CA…

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23-Year Anniversary for Marlene Trotter-Murray

1024 863 Carrie V.

Marlene, who had just come from Hawaii, began her role with BGCMC on March 1,…

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GHGH Summit for young girls across Monterey County

746 260 Carrie V.

The Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands program, otherwise known as GHGH, put on their 2023…

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