Motivated to Press Onward to Graduation

  • August 16, 2017
1024 683 Carrie V.

Elizabeth is a junior in high school, and a Club summer intern. She grew up coming to the Club, and it has changed her life. “I went on the Stanford University field trip, and it really opened my eyes about college,” she says. “I never pictured myself on a campus anywhere, and all of a sudden there I was.” She is also a part of the Diplomas2Degrees program run through the teen center, which focuses on everything from SAT prep and how to apply to colleges to FASFA and borrowing student loans. “None of my teachers taught me anything about applying for college. It sounded like such a big task I never thought about trying to do it myself. I thought it was really intimidating—it turns out, it’s really easy!” 

“I would like to say one last thing: I speak for all Club members when I say we appreciate the donors that make the Club a possibility. Through them, I found the motivation to press onward to graduation, and the resources to graduate. Everyone here needs the support and encouragement the staff offers, and to know that there are donors out there who care about us, that’s where the motivation comes from!”