Meet our Newest Math Superstar

  • September 28, 2017
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Jaelynn is excited about her first year of middle school. She is very competitive—particularly when it comes to basketball and high-speed games like cup stacking. “I always win cup stacking!” she says. “But not math.”

Jaelynn told her grandma she wanted to enroll in the math program at the Club so she could get better. Her grandma didn’t hesitate.Jaelynn started attending our web-based math intervention program for kids testing behind grade level. The interactive computer program offers customized lessons that teach mathematical principles through gameplay. After several months of hard work, Jaelynn became very successful, showing significant improvement in her math homework and grades in school.  “My grandma always tried to help me with my math, but this program explained everything so much easier.”

She has been coming to the Club for five years, and plans on being a lifelong Club member. “I would be so bored without the Club! The people here showed me I can be anything, and I want to be a veterinarian!”