Heavy Rainfall Causes Flood at Seaside Unit

  • January 13, 2017
640 426 BGCMC

On Monday staff arrived at the Seaside Clubhouse to discover pretty extensive flooding as a result of the heavy rains.  Water migrated under an exterior door on the east side of the building and soaked our carpeted floors in the hallway, Activity Center, Teen Center, Learning Center, rear development office and Reading Room.  

Staff jumped into action moving furniture and clearing the floors.  The affected soaked carpet tiles were pulled up to be dried and disinfected.  Blowers were brought in and placed throughout the Club.  Moisture in the drywall was found so the walls will soon be opened up and dehumidifiers will be running full time.

“Seeing everyone pull together and address the areas of need at the Seaside Clubhouse was inspiring.” said Ron Johnson, Associate Vice President, BGCMC, “The  passion, professionalism and care that our staff has for this organization is evident.”

“Thanks to Ron Johnson and Brian Sanford for your quick and diligent action to get our Club open and then to effectively and efficiently mobilize getting our Club back into full operation so quickly. We appreciate your time and efforts so much!” said Marlene Murray-Trotter, Seaside Unit Director,  “Our kids are rolling with it as they do in times like these.”