• August 16, 2017
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Teen club members like Elizabeth (front left) participate in a book club supported by a long time volunteer and reading enthusiast.  Each month, book club members meet to read the book aloud and discuss  a series of questions.  At the culmination of book club, members celebrate with a party and watch the movie based on the book, if the movie is available.  These experiences allow members to think critically about what they just read and compare and contrast the book and the movie.  Book club is popular amongst our teen members.

Most recently teens read Save Me a Seat a wonderful book written by two authors alternating chapters expressing two points of view.  The book explored topics of bullying, acceptance, and family through the eyes of Joe, an American born special needs student and Ravi, a recent immigrant from India.  Young readers learned about Indian customs and food, along with some Indian words.  The final class was hosted by the chef and proprietor of Aabha Indian Cuisine in Carmel.  He explained the many spices used in Indian cuisine and even gave us a tour of the kitchen and made naan for the group in the tandoor; a delicious and delightful conclusion to the book!