Elizabeth’s Story

  • August 28, 2018
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Encouraged by her older sister, a Girl’s Health in Girl’s Hands (GHGH) alumnae, Elizabeth A. became a GHGH Intern for the Clubs in August 2017 and is now part of the Girls Leadership Network (GLN) with 23 other girls from the GHGH collaborative agencies. Girls meet on a monthly basis with GHGH staff to enhance their leadership skills and strategically implement their action plan. Their project was to survey students in their schools to understand the need and interest of increasing the social and emotional counseling at schools in Monterey County. The GLN attained over 1,000 surveys from students with the intention to present the results to school boards, county supervisors, etc., with the goal to increase counseling in Monterey County schools.

Since Elizabeth has been a part of the GLN, she has participated in co-leading a public speaking workshop at the March 2018 GHGH Summit. She has worked with GLN to support the implementation of surveys for students at their school. Elizabeth has gained confidence, inspiration, motivation, and close friendships. She is looking forward to participating in GLN her senior year.

Elizabeth’s leadership presence in the Club has grown tremendously.

“When I first joined GHGH I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it,” Elizabeth said. “As the meetings went on, I began to feel empowered as a young woman. The experience has shown me how much of a leader I can be and inspired me to change the world for the better.”