Asheesh’s Story

  • August 28, 2018
1015 1024 Carrie V.

For Ash, it’s all about the kids.  You get ready, you go to work, you show up and kids come in happy to see you. He’s always happy to see them too.  Ash interacts with so many members throughout his busy day and says that every once in a while you get blessed to have a meaningful conversation with one of the, and sometimes with a parent.  That conversation turns into a deeper relationship with the staff and the community he feels privileged to serve.  To Ash, the clubhouse is a family that is there to support and serve the families.

“The Club is a place where kids come to feel safe, valued, and to be a part of something.  I’ve always felt that it was my job to do everything I could to make that happen. The kids have taught me, just as much as I have taught them,” Ash said.