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October 2017 Newsletter
700 760 Carrie V.

Meet our Newest Math Superstar! “I would be so bored without the Club! The people here…

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Meet our Newest Math Superstar
1024 691 Carrie V.

Jaelynn is excited about her first year of middle school. She is very competitive—particularly when…

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August 2017 Newsletter
694 680 Carrie V.

Stepping on a college campus for the first time! “I went on the Stanford University field…

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640 480 Carrie V.

Teen club members like Elizabeth (front left) participate in a book club supported by a long time…

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Before and After Photos from Our Teen Style Day at Oya!
960 960 Carrie V.

Oya Salon recently hosted a group of teens from Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County…

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Motivated to Press Onward to Graduation
1024 683 Carrie V.

Elizabeth is a junior in high school, and a Club summer intern. She grew up coming to…

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July 2017 Newsletter
698 510 Carrie V.

Do you remember your first bike? “I want people to know what the Club is all…

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1024 683 Carrie V.

“My parents and teacher try helping me with my math homework, but they can’t explain…

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Proud owner of a shiny new bike and a bright future!
555 354 Carrie V.

“I want people to know what we do here. It is so much more than…

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Johnson-Toney football camp calls to promising Las Vegas kid
1024 726 Carrie V.

It didn’t take long for Justin Johnson to turns a few heads. Like a streak…

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Our 2016 Annual Report is now available!
789 1024 Carrie V.

We’ve worked very diligently to create our first Annual Report.  This is a comprehensive look…

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A Joy Ride with James Corden
628 460 Carrie V.

On March 18th, Corden comes to the Carmel area for the first time to host…

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