BGCMC is official stop on the STORM Tour, 80 days around the world on an electric motorcycle!

  • October 16, 2016
640 360 BGCMC

The STORM team has set the ambitious goal to go around the world in 80 days with their electric motorcycle. To show people all over the globe the beauty of e-mobility, the STORM Wave is solely powered by the existing electricity grid. This endeavor is the ultimate proof of concept for both the electric motorcycle and electric mobility with the world – one stop at a time. All the people around the world together forms the STORM GRID: a worldwide network of plug-in locations. The clock started ticking down from 80 days on August 14, 2016. 

Through BGCMC’s ongoing partnership with Fused Learning and Richard Tavener, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County Seaside Clubhouse was an official stop on the STORM Around the World in 80 Days World Tour.

On Monday October 10th, a team of college students from the University of Eindhoven visited the BGCMC Seaside Clubhouse to showcase their Storm Electric Motorcycle. Club members were able to talk to the team, tour the caravan and see first hand the two STORM motorcycles in action.  Club members were thoroughly engaged as the college students from the Netherlands discussed the benefits of electric vehicles and told stories of their travels and experiences. 

Following their visit, Club Members (2nd – 5th grade) spent the remainder of Fall Break week building  their own model replica of the STORM Electric Motorcycle. Students learn valuable skills in design, technology and engineering. They also mapped out their own world tour, examined STORM world tour stops to find out more about cultures in other countries and they learned about the importance of renewable energy!

As the STORM team continues on their tour, BGCMC Club members can follow along by viewing the STORM GRID on their website.