Sea Otter Play

Sea Otter Classic developed a premier immersive virtual experience in light of having to cancel their annual in-person event at Laguna Seca. Sea Otter Play will be held in September 2020. The ride challenges will start on September 1st and the festival will be held September 17-20. To join, visit

Sea Otter Play is committed to supporting non-profit organizations during these challenging times. Your gift to Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County will be used towards the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County’s Healthy Lifestyles initiative, supporting the holistic well-being of children through adopting a healthy diet, practicing healthy lifestyle choices, and making a lifelong commitment to fitness.

Your Impact Makes a Difference:

$25 – Provides 4 breakfasts and 4 lunches

$50 – Distributes 20 12lb USDA produce boxes to Monterey County families

$75 – Provides one week of in-Club extended learning and childcare for a Member

$100 – Sponsors 2 telehealth counseling sessions with a licensed counselor