We are a community united by shared values and beliefs. We believe every child is capable of succeeding when provided safety, opportunity, and guidance. A great example of this is Boys & Girls Club alum, Michael Younger. His Boys & Girls Club experience is a powerful testimony that demonstrates the transformational effect clubs can have on youth. Michael and his younger sister, Eboni, joined the Boys & Girls Club as middle schoolers. Their mother Valerie, fled from an unstable environment in Texas, settling on the Monterey Peninsula, with hopes of a better life for her family. She enrolled Michael (9) and Eboni (8) in the Seaside Clubhouse after school program, where she was assured her children would receive homework assistance, healthy meals, and enrichment opportunities.  Her decision to register her children at the club changed the trajectory of the Younger family’s lives.

Within a few years, Michael, a talented and charismatic student athlete, earned a scholarship to attend Stevenson School in Pebble Beach. He went on to earn a college scholarship to the University of Southern California where he majored in Business Administration. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree, Michael worked as Senior Manager of Business Strategy for AT&T, Mobile Services in Atlanta for 8 years, before embarking on a career in public service; his true passion.

In 2019, Michael was appointed Deputy Secretary for the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. His personal mission is to provide assistance to underserved families throughout the state that equips them with job skills, and career paths. Today, Michael is the Vice President of Calbright College, the first online Community College in the State of California. Michael’s sister, Eboni was paying attention to Michael’s journey. She too went on to college, graduating from St. Marys with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. She continued on to earn her Law Degree. She was a deputy state public defender for the state of Colorado and currently works for the US Department of Transportation as a regional Civil Rights Officer. Their mother, Valerie also returned to school and is now a registered nurse. 

Your philanthropy continues to empower students, and families to excel academically and to have bold aspirations for their futures. The Younger family story is living proof that Boys & Girls Clubs provide opportunities for families to achieve the American dream.  

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County remains an essential resource for working parents and vulnerable youth who require services such as transportation from schools, homework assistance, and access to healthy meals. As the holiday season approaches, many families are struggling to make ends meet. We believe that in order to develop future leaders like Michael and Eboni, we must collaborate and partner with our families, schools and community. The Boys & Girls Club is well-positioned to assist the families who need us most during these challenging times. We hope you agree, and will consider a year-end gift that helps us provide hope and opportunity to future generations of leaders. It is the best investment one can make!

Thank you! 

Happy holidays!
Ron Johnson
President & CEO

P.S. Any increase in your gift this holiday season, compared to your gift last year, will be matched by an anonymous donor up to $500,000. Thanks again for your continued support! 

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