2021 Virtual Marti Mulford Youth Art Exhibit

The Marti Mulford Youth Art Exhibit was named after Marti Mulford, a local ceramist, for her legacy of art and nurturing the creativity of youth.

“Creativity, the conjoining of self-expression, the use of intellect, and media of some sort, provides meaning and satisfaction to me in most of my pursuits….I have a firm philosophy and belief in the benefits of an education in the humanities, the study of cultures—ancient and modern—and the arts.” —Marti Mulford

Youth Artist and Junior Artist of the Year Awards

Salinas Youth
Artist of the Year

Seaside Youth
Artist of the Year

Marayah has been contributing her artwork to our exhibits over many years. In our art center, she enjoys painting and photography. On top of that, Marayah is an accomplished musician and has been playing the clarinet for four years. She has matured into a strong, hardworking artist, and she has found ways to use her art to express herself in positive and productive ways. Her years of discipline and consistency towards honing her craft has earned her the title of Youth Artist of the Year.

Melissa has always had a love for art and crafting. She has been timid to showcase her artwork, but has gained confidence and shows it proudly. She is inspired by other paintings and artwork and has began teaching her younger brother, Diego, her love of art. She wants everyone to know to never give up and do what you love!

Seaside Junior
Artist of the Year

Virtual Junior
Artist of the Year

Lana has been a Club member since Kindergarten and has had a very active interest in the visual arts. Since then, she has grown into a young artist that seeks to reflect her growing knowledge of the world. Lana loves to work in watercolor and acrylic paint. When Lana grows up, she would like to be a pilot or a chef. Congratulations, Lana, you have earned this!

Hazel is a fiery young artist with a passion for creativity in many forms. She has shown strong dedication to our virtual art program, and she has participated in every kind of art session we offer. At such a young age, Hazel has been able to build a strong portfolio of work that she has displayed for our exhibit. Whether she is drawing, painting, dancing or playing the guitar, Hazel is constantly creating, and she is eager to share her talent with the world.

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