Find the Magic Within

The 2021 Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands Annual Health, Leadership, & Advocacy Virtual Summit will provide young women with the fellowship and the impact of affirmation and self-care as we move into 2021.

This week-long virtual event is for girls by girls! Come join in positive workshops, build your confidence by learning new skills, and participating in fun physical activities! The GHGH Summit provides a day for girls from all GHGH programs across the county to come together, learn from each other, take action on community change they want to see, and participate in self-care activities.

Monday, March 1st to Friday, March 5th, 2021
Online Virtually
2 sessions offered daily to accommodate girls schedules

Workshops Include:
Coping with Difficult Times
Saving Our Environment
Healthy Relationships
Self Care
Healthy Eating

Activities Include:
Self Defense
Powerful Poetry

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Tonya Antle

Paula Robichaud


Susan Gill

Valera Lyles

Linda Taylor


Nanci Perocchi


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